Kyjovské údolí

Kyjov, the Bohemian Switzerland National Park.


    The picturesque village of Kyjov situated on the little river of Křinice is today a kind of a notional centre of the northernmost corner of the Bohemian Switzerland National Park. Its present character dates back to about the middle of the 17th century. Records about a mill and a sawmill on the Křinice come from the 18th century. There were about 500 inhabitants in Kyjov in the 19th century who mostly made their living in the neighbouring woods and in a thread factory. The end of the 19th century witnessed a development of tourism in the area; in 1884 the Kyjov Mountain Association was founded. Kyjov attracts not only romantic souls who can enjoy views of wooden farmhouses, bizarre rock formations and magical ruins of the Kyjov Castle or those who seek peace in the Kyjov Valley. Kyjov also appeals to swimming enthusiasts who can enjoy themselves to the full in the artificial lake on the Křinice River.