The Kyjovská terasa Inn


    is situated in the Bohemian Switzerland National Park. In the vicinity you will also find the Lusatian Mountains and Elbe Sandstones areas of outstanding natural beauty.

    Not much is known about the history of this building – the inn apart from the bare fact that it was built some 130 or 150 years ago and served as a butcher shop. It was rebuilt into a recreational facility later but it decayed slowly.

    Recently the guesthouse underwent a complete sensitive reconstruction which took place in the years of grace 2007 and 2008. It was our aim to restore the building to its original state as closely as possible. For that purpose natural materials including wood, bricks and stone are used as widely as possible at the inn. The present name of the guesthouse naturally emerged after a large terrace was built that can hold up to 50 visitors. The guesthouse offers high-quality accommodation for up to 27 guests.

    Here you will find wifi hotspot that offers free internet to the guests of our inn. However what you will not find here is signal for you mobile phones. This may be an advantage for some :-) For the others it is possible to make mobile phone calls from a nearby little hill. The entire inn is non-smoking area.

    The area of the Bohemian Switzerland is also very suitable for families with little children. For them we have available a baby´s chair, cot, wading pool and other facilities.

We believe that our reconstruction has been successful, however it is up to you to judge it for yourself if you – and we believe you will – decide to visit our inn and experience the atmosphere of times long past. Our helpful staff, excellent cuisine and peace in the heart of Bohemian Switzerland are expecting you. Staff of the Kyjovká terasa Guesthouse